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Official Roster
2018 SAAA Board of Directors

*President: Mark Edwards 3019 N. Desert Dr. (12) 795-3439  Fax:795-8297

*Vice President:
Ralph Marble 2610 E Drachman (16) 322-6012

*Secretary: Colin Cordell 8909 N. Willeta Dr. 85743 (43) 730-3606

*Treasurer: Nancy Smorra 4365 E. Winding Creek Pl. (12) 271-5234

*Delegate-at-Large: Stan Valacer 1138 W. Masters Circle  (37) 358-4121


Administrative Secretary: SarahDunst  1634 E. Spring St. (19) 991-5958  Fax: 795-8297

Coaches Liaison: Jenny Kruszewski 1661 N. Goebel Ave. (15) 991-2270

                              Melanie Paulsen 421 N Brown Ave. (10) 808-2329


* Voting Board Members


Former Board member, Chris Minker, is willing to stamp registration forms. His address is 350 S. Porter, Tucson AZ 85710.


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